On December 16, AGENDA Disability Rights Advisor Tolhas Damanik and ADF Chairman Lim Puay Tiak spoke at 17th SOMSWD Open Forum meeting. In a 15-minute session, Tolhas and PT Lim presented AGENDA and ADF’s ongoing support to SOMSWD on the implementation of the Enabling Masterplan. The speakers highlighted the development of the ASEAN Enabling Masterplan Monitoring and Evaluation Resource: Guidelines for ASEAN Sectoral Ministerial Bodies, the capacity building initiatives provided to the ASEAN Sectoral Bodies on the monitoring and evaluation of the Enabling Masterplan, and the follow-up trainings for ASEAN Sectoral Bodies under each of the three pillars. PT Lim reaffirmed AGENDA and ADF commitments to support SOMSWD on the mid-term review of the Enabling Masterplan and proposed  SOMSWD to organize an annual regional dialogue with organizations of persons with disabilities.

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