On November 18, AGENDA team participated in the 14th ASEAN GO-NGO Forum on Social Welfare and Development themed ‘Strengthening Social Protection on Vulnerable Children in ASEAN’ held in Vientiane, Lao PDR. Tolhas Damanik, AGENDA Disability Rights Advisor, was one of the panelists of the forum and shared several points of our recommendations on how to ensure an inclusive social protection for children with disabilities in the region.There are 6 recommendation proposed by AGENDA to ensure full enjoyment and social protection of children with disabilities: 1) Harmonizing social protection policies and programs, 2) Disability related costs must be factored in when determining eligibility thresholds and benefit levels,3) Social protection has to be accessible for children with disabilities and their families, 4) Diversity in population has to be considered, 5) Conditionalities have to be flexible, 6)Involve the disability community and families

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