On August 1-2, IFES and AGENDA hosted the final evaluation workshop with OPD partners to assess the program’s effectiveness. IFES Senior Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Officer Matthew Emery and IFES Senior Inclusion Specialist Rebecca Aaberg led the two-day workshop which was attended by 23 participants from Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, including 12 women. In the workshop, participants shared information about their coalition-building efforts. Participants learned about the benefits and challenges of coalition building, as well as successful strategies, shared “eulogies” for activities that had been planned but could not be carried out due to the pandemic, local political circumstances, or other unforeseen events and also learned about each partner’s strategy for engaging with their respective governments on the second day of the workshop, as well as how to build better relationships with government actors. In this video, representatives from OPD shared their experience on how collaborative action between local government and stakeholders play pivotal role in program implementation.