By: Dipo Djungdjungan Siahaan, IFES

AGENDA is sending its Jakarta’s based partners to join the local Cambodian partners to support the monitoring of the upcoming Cambodia’s commune election on 3 June 2012. The Jakarta team consists of JPPR,PPCI, PPUA Penca and IFES Indonesia. In Cambodia they will be joining the local monitoring team formed by two AGENDA’s local partners, CDPO (Cambodian Disabled People Organisation) and NICFEC (The Neutral and Impartial Committee on Free and Fair Elections).

The monitoring will be done in 5 provinces, they are: Kandal, K.Speu, Takeo, K.Cham, & Kompot. The aim is to see the level of accessibility of the election for persons with disabilities.

AGENDA will deploy 80 local spotcheckers (observers) to monitor this election. Forty of which will be recruited from persons with disabilities and the 40 other will be recruited from NICFEC’s network.

The spotcheckers will be using the monitoring checklist that AGENDA has developed through previous monitoring activities in Indonesia. The checklist will be tailored to fit specifically with the Cambodian’s context. It is hoped that inputs from tailoring activities and the actual monitoring activity will improve the checklist further so it can be used in other Southeast Asian countries.