AGENDA Media Visit to Gatra Magazine

On April 17, AGENDA representatives from JPPR and PPDI visited GATRA news, one of the two principal news weeklies in Indonesia to discuss disability rights and the role of media. AGENDA representatives were welcomed and met with Chief of News Coverage Center and Editor of GATRA. In the meeting AGENDA shared information on disability and accessible election, latest AGENDA monitoring mission and media guidelines of reporting on accessible elections. In the opportunity, AGENDA also shared about Jakarta Addendum that emphasizes the importance of supporting access to elections and political processes for all people with disabilities, including those who are members of other marginalized groups such as women, youth, indigenous peoples, ethnic minorities, religious minorities, LGBT communities and older people. GATRA representatives raised questions related closely with AGENDA were on AGENDA future plan activity on simultaneously direct local elections in December 2015 and AGENDA regional partners’ efforts in endorsing political rights of person with disabilities.