On May 28, the Society for the Promotion of Human Rights Malaysia (PROHAM), one of the NCBM’s coalition members, organized the “Bangkit OKU: The Power of the Youth with Disability in Elections” Symposium. The objectives of this symposium were to encourage more young voters with disabilities to take part in elections, both national or local, and to educate young voters with disabilities on their civil and political rights. The symposium started with a plenary session where all participants listened to the material given by the panelists. The panelists were Firdaus Husni, Chief Human Rights Strategist of the Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights (MCCHR); Muhamad Nadhir Abdul Nasir from NCBM; and Tharma Pillai, Co-Founder & Advocacy Director of the UNDI18. Panelists discussed the importance of voting with youth with disabilities. Afterward, participants were assigned to breakout sessions to share their reactions to the plenary session and propose ideas on ways young persons with disabilities can be more active in civic engagement and democracy. The event, which had open registration via social media, attracted 60 youth participants, including 40 young voters with disabilities. IFES is waiting for the complete report of the event and a list of participants.

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