On July 27, AGENDA partner Cambodian Disabled People’s Organization (CDPO) held its fifth roundtable talk show titled “Advancing the Promotion and Protection of Right to Health for Persons with Disabilities in Cambodia through the Implementation of the ASEAN Enabling Masterplan 2025”. The guest speakers were Mr. Chhor Bunnaroath, Program Manager of CDPO, and Ms. Vorn Vivathana, the Director of the Women and Children with Disabilities Forum in Takeo Province. According to Ms. Vivathana, the protection of the right to health for persons with disabilities in Cambodia will only be achieved when the government and relevant stakeholders can work closely together. She pointed out that all ASEAN member states should incorporate the Enabling Masterplan into the development plans of each country’s government ministries to support persons with disabilities and mainstream disability rights at the national and regional levels. Mr. Bunnaroath additionally stated that the Enabling Masterplan’s implementation will also encourage the realization of disability inclusion in Cambodia’s National Strategic Development Plan, which is the government’s official overarching policy instrument and blueprint for poverty reduction. The discussion was aired live on the Voice of Persons with Disabilities (VPD) TV online and Facebook page.

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