On September 9, AGENDA partner Cambodian Disabled People’s Organization (CDPO) held its sixth roundtable talk show on how the Department of Health and representatives from organizations for persons with disabilities can improve access to healthcare for people with disabilities. The guest speakers were the Director of BTB Health Department, Dr. Voeurng Bunreth, and Head of the Cambodian Spinal Cord Association, Ms. Cheat Sokha. The government of Cambodia provides free of charge healthcare services for persons with disabilities, the elderly, monks and others. Mr. Bunreth mentioned the government and the Ministry of Health have always been trying to promote health services for all in Cambodia, particularly services related to the prevention of infectious diseases, nutrition and maternal and child healthcare services. Nevertheless, Ms. Sokha, mentioned that persons with disabilities in Cambodia still face major issues in accessing healthcare services free of charge due to the absence of the equity card and the lack of accessible transportation to the health centers and that health center compounds or the building. Both speakers expressed the importance of collaboration between the Ministry of Health and organizations for persons with disabilities in Cambodia. The government should ensure that persons with disabilities have equity cards and DPOs should continue to disseminate relevant information to their communities and encourage persons with disabilities to utilize the public healthcare services. The discussion was aired live on the Voice of Persons with Disabilities (VPD) TV online and Facebook page.

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