AGENDA designed a polling station checklist and post-election survey to be used as election observation tools. The checklists and surveys were modified from existing versions that were originally developed and piloted for observing five local elections in Indonesia between November 2011 and July 2012. The presidential election checklist and survey were adapted to incorporate the les- sons learned from previous observation efforts carried out during AGENDA’s first phase.

The selection of questions was based on election regulations for the presi- dential election and international best practices regarding managing election accessibility for people with disabilities. To finalize the checklist and survey, a two-day stakeholder meeting was held in Jakarta for JPPR and PPDI regional coordinators from the five provinces where elections were to be observed, in addition to other election experts and persons with disabilities. Three different checklists and surveys were produced for use by the election observers, con- taining a total of 72 questions.

The presidential election checklist and survey are available , please go to download section.