On June 14, the Kerjabilitas, Indonesian Disabled People’s Association’s (PPDI) coalition member, organized a training on ‘Enhancing Disability Understanding’ for staff and trainers from technical and vocational education and training centers’, or Balai Latihjan Kerja (BLK),in Yogyakarta province. The training aimed to introduce the concept of disability inclusion, familiarize staff with disability terms and explore ways to interact with persons with disabilities for BLK to be disability-inclusive. According to Kerjabilitas, there are four steps for BLK to be disability-inclusive: awareness, support systems, accessibility and involvement of persons with disabilities. Four people facilitated the training, three of whom were women facilitators, and one of whom was a facilitator with a disability. Twenty-two people without disabilities participated in the training, including six women representing five BLKs (Kulonprogo, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Gunung Kidul, Bantul, Sleman) and one government working unit in the Bantul district.

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