On May 28, Legal Network for Truthful Elections (LENTE) organized their eleventh radio talk show. Through this episode, LENTE discussed lessons learned from the last election, specifically on assistance for persons with disabilities and access to information during election day. They invited a representative of the government, two CSOs, two organizations of persons with disabilities (OPDs), and a representative of persons with disabilities. In this episode, the discussion focused on whether the guests and voters with disabilities were given sufficient assistance on election day and were able to gain necessary information before and during election day about the candidates running for office and the voting processes. The guests also shared their suggestions on making such aspects of the election truly inclusive to help members of the sector in future elections. Ms. Maricar Mendoza acknowledged that not all polling places and voting centers had similar experiences. However, based on her observations, even electoral board members and assistors do not comply with election laws resulting difficulty in voting. Thus, there is a need for organized and strict implementation of election laws and resolutions pertaining to persons with disabilities. On the other hand, Dr. Mata states that it is essential to have coordination with stakeholders. Members of the sector should contact and coordinate with the Vulnerable Sectors Office. Sensitivity and awareness trainings for stakeholders and members of the sector should be conducted as well

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