On April 27, April 29, May 2, and May 3, LENTE organized a series of virtual training sessions to increase public awareness and knowledge of the ASEAN Enabling Masterplan and COMELEC resolutions on the campaign and election day conduct. Unlike previous trainings, the registration forms for these sessions were shared on social media which broadened LENTE’s reach to engage a larger variety of participants interested to join the training.  The training session consisted of the following: a) discussion about the ASEAN Enabling Masterplan, and b) COMELEC Resolutions for the 2022 National and Local Elections, particularly on the campaign (No. 10730), Election Day conduct (No. 10727) and general instructions on voting for persons with disabilities (No. 10761). The third training session out of LENTE’s targeted eight training sessions engaged 27 people including 15 women. Participants included 11 trainees with different types of disabilities ranging from physical, visual and intellectual disabilities. The fourth session engaged 32 people including 26 women. Nine of them were persons with disabilities from different organizations such as women with disabilities groups and massage therapist organizations. Meanwhile, the fifth and sixth training sessions engaged 11 and six people. LENTE will organize the remaining events with different materials for the subsequent training sessions.

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