AGENDA at ASEAN Civil Society ConferenceASEAN People Forum 2019

AGENDA Disability Rights Advisor spoke at the Public-Private-People (PPP) conference on the ASEAN Enabling Masterplan 2025 on September 11, with the theme of “Working Together,” hosted by the ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Social Welfare and Development (SOMSWD) in Singapore. The conference brought together government officials, industry and business sector representatives, non-government organization (NGO) and CSO leaders, and persons with disabilities to share knowledge and experiences, address challenges, and explore strategies to effectively further the Masterplan through collaborations and partnerships. The conference resulted in several recommendations for further implementation of the Masterplan:

  1. Enhanced support to DPOs and CSOs from the private sector for advocacy of the Masterplan
  2. Application of the universal design approach to remove all barriers for persons with disabilities
  3. The need for ASEAN to finalize its monitoring and evaluation matrix

PPP conferences on the Masterplan will be organized every year. The next one will be hosted by SOMSWD in Lao PDR.