On December 28, AGENDA partner CDPO held its final roundtable talk show in 2021 with the title “Building the Road Map for Achieving Accessible and Inclusive Health Care Systems for Persons with Disabilities in Cambodia in 2025.” The guest speakers were Mr. Sok Chanthol, Deputy Director of Department Social Welfare of Ministry of Social Affairs and Mr. Chhorn Sovandeth, Director of Kratie Disabled People Organization. According to Mr. Sok Chantol, the Ministry of Social Affairs has partnered with several non-government organizations (NGOs) and OPDs to ensure that people with disabilities have access to free health care. CDPO plays a significant role in sharing this information to persons with disabilities in Cambodia. The Royal Government has strongly supported persons with disabilities to obtain free services at the health centers. According to Mr. Sovandeth, in Kratie province, provincial authorities and the Department of Social Affairs work remain attentive to the health of persons with disabilities. Mr. Sovandeth highlighted that OPDs are actively working with sub-national authorities to facilitate better health care access for people with disabilities. OPDs engage in monthly meetings with sub-national authorities (communes, districts, provinces) to raise important issues so government officials are aware of the challenges and can help find solutions for people with disabilities.

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