From December 24-31, considering the impact of the current natural flood disaster on several regions in Malaysia, AGENDA partner the National Council for the Blind Malaysia (NCBM) organized a week-long social media campaign via Twitter and Facebook to advocate for disability-inclusive disaster risk reduction and management. NCBM called on key stakeholders including federal and state governments to work together with OPDs in the planning, implementation, and recovery phases of a disaster. NCBM emphasized the need to ensure the accessibility of evacuation centers and disaster-related information for persons with disabilities. NCBM also highlighted the need to have available and utilize disability data in flood-prone areas throughout the country to support persons with disabilities before, during and after a disaster. This type of data would help mitigate the impact of such disasters on the lives of persons with disabilities. NCBM  issued 32 tweets with 2 replies, 26 likes, and 22 retweets and 33 Facebook posts with 55 likes and 12 shares.

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