On June 18, AGENDA partner the Thailand Association of the Blind (TAB) published its third article on accessibility to information, communication and education for deaf persons. The article was written by Mr. Witawat Surittikul, a deaf former teacher at a school for persons with disabilities. Mr. Surittikul argued that although deaf people now have easier access to information through the increased usage of sign language and subtitles in media, it is still challenging to communicate with the general public as not everyone understands sign language. Referencing the Enabling Masterplan action points APSC 2, ASCC 12, ASCC 15, he encouraged Thai citizens to start learning basic sign language and called on the media to further increase the usage of sign language and subtitles when disseminating information. He also encouraged all teachers to learn and use sign language at their schools to be able to comprehensively transfer their knowledge to deaf students. The article was posted on TAB’s ASEAN Enabling Masterplan Facebook Page.

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