On June 25, TAB published the English version of its first article addressing the issue of accessible public transportation for persons with disabilities. This article, originally posted on TAB’s Facebook Page on April 1, promotes the Enabling Masterplan action points AEC 10, AEC 16, ASCC 1, ASCC 2 and ASCC 17. The author, who is a person with a visual disability, stated that many sidewalks are not accessible for wheelchair users and as a result, persons with disabilities must walk on roads. Additionally, there are no guiding blocks in Thai Skytrain stations (BTS stations) and MRT stations, so persons who are blind or who have low vision must be guided by their staff. Therefore, he called on the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Interior to be more proactive in creating enabling environments for the mobility of persons with disabilities. He also called on the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security to eliminate public negative attitudes towards persons with disabilities and increase their confidence to fully participate in all aspects of life.

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