On March 11, AGENDA partner the Thailand Association of the Blind (TAB) conducted a national DPOs coordination meeting to share best practices, lessons learned, challenges, and progress advocating for the three prioritized areas contained in its 2019 policy platform document which include access to education, access to public transportation and services, and access to funding sources. Participants included 30 representatives from 11 Thai DPOs, 14 of which were women. The Planned Parenthood Association of Thailand (PPAT) attended as an observer. TAB plans to conduct coalition-building activities with PPAT in the next phase of the project. While participating as an observer, AGENDA anticipates that PPAT will gain a greater understanding and knowledge of disability issues in the country including the Enabling Masterplan. From the meeting, DPO participants also formulated a Thai DPOs Joint Advocacy Plan to enhance their coordinated efforts in advocating for the three prioritized areas. The Joint Advocacy Plan is a comprehensive document detailing what activities the DPOs will conduct to advance the three priority areas, roles and responsibilities and required resources. Sign language interpretation was provided for deaf participants during the meeting

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