AGENDA Media Training, Jakarta, 2016-08-13

Media Training in Jakarta

August 22, 2016

On 13 August, AGENDA conducted Media Training on its “Media Guidelines for Reporting Accessible Elections” in Jakarta. Keynote speeches were provided by the Chairperson of the Indonesian Press Council and the Chairperson of the Provincial KPU of Jakarta. The training was attended by 15 journalists from online, print, television and radio media and…

Media Training, Ambon, 2016-05-28

Media Training in Ambon

June 10, 2016

On 28 May, AGENDA conducted Media Training on its “Media Guidelines for Reporting Accessible Elections” in Ambon. The training was attended by 18 journalists from online, print, television and radio media; two representatives from the Provincial KPU; and six DPO representatives.

Media Training, Banda Aceh, 2016-05-23

Media Training in Banda Aceh

May 27, 2016

On 23 May, AGENDA conducted Media Training on Media Guidelines on Reporting Accessible Elections in Banda Aceh. The training was attended by 12 journalists (Online, print, TV and Radio media),three people from the Media Center of the Provincial KIP of Aceh and six people from DPO representatives.

AGENDA Training of Data Center Team

July 8, 2014

On 7 July, AGENDA/JPPR organized half-day training for the data center team (20 people) on how to enter the monitoring findings from all five provinces into the central database and how to interact with the observers in the field to clarify specific information via phone.


Observer Trainings

July 7, 2014

All observers were required to participate in a training to prepare for their Election Day duties. Observer trainings were conducted during a two-week period prior to the election and held in one central location within each province.

The provinces were: Jakarta Special Administrative Area, Central Java, Aceh, South Kalimantan and South Sulawesi. The two-day workshop…

Workshop of AGENDA’s Provincial Coordinators for the election Monitoring Mission

June 23, 2014

On June 22-23, AGENDA/JPPR held training for the 10 coordinators of AGENDA’s monitoring mission for the presidential election. The coordinator consisted of 5 PPDI representatives and 5 JPPR representatives from 5 provinces in Indonesia (Aceh, Jakarta, Central Java, South Sulawesi and South Kalimantan). Fadhil, DKI Jakarta KPU Commissioner and M. Jufri Bawaslu DKI…

Agenda Put its Training Module to Test

November 3, 2012

On 17-18 October 2012, AGENDA organized a tryout for the training module on accessible election that is intended to train Election Management Bodies officers in Southeast Asia countries. The purpose of the tryout is to test whether the training package is already suitable for the targeted audience. The event took place in Cisarua,…

Training of Volunteer for Jakarta Election Monitoring

July 16, 2012

By: Dipo Siahaan, IFES

Fifty volunteers will be deployed in five of the capitol’s districts to monitor the accessibility of the Jakarta gubernatorial election. Four days leading to the election, the volunteers underwent a two-day workshop held at Park Hotel, Cawang, Jakarta, from 7 to 8 July, 2012.

By Riri Rafiani, PPUA Penca

In the run-up to the Cambodian commune election on June 3, AGENDA held a two-day training for observers on May 30-31. Jointly organised by Cambodian partners, Neutral and Impartial Committee for Free and Fair Election in Cambodia (NICFEC) and Cambodian Disabled People Organization (CDPO), the…