On November 8th, 2015 ‘Website Pemilu Akses (Accessible Election Homepage)’ developed by Ridwan Sumantri was awarded as a Winner of Visionary Category at ‘Pilkada Serentak Apps Challenge Code for Vote 4.0’ organized by Indonesian Election Commission (KPU) with PERLUDEM at KPU’s office in Jakarta. The application is considered to have a specific vision to drive implementation of accessible election for all voters at concurrent 269 local elections in Indonesia on December 9th, 2015. According to Ridwan, the application is intended to promote achievement of persons with disabilities political rights, particularly in election. The application enables voters with disabilities to identify the nearest accessible polling station based on information from other voters with disabilities provided by the application. All KPU regulations related with accessible and voters with disabilities, information on disability data on fix and/or temporary voter’s list, and candidates’ vision and mission on disabilities also available in this application. Ridwan Sumantri currently is AGENDA Program Officer.

Aplikasi Pilkada