On 26-28 August 2014 AGENDA participated in the Global Media Forum in Bali, organized by UNESCO and the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies. The forum aims to contribute to the ongoing international debate about the importance of media and information and communication technologies for peace and sustainable development. With its overarching theme of “The Role of Media in Realizing the Future We Want for All”, the forum will focus on the many ways media benefits development with the ultimate aim of including media as a standalone item on the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

One of the themes of the forum that s significant for AGENDA is ‘Providing Voice t the Voiceless, an Inclusive Media for All’. Development practitioners around the world have long been puzzled by this. While the increasing use of internet and mobile devices creates new opportunities for global citizens, there are many “isolated pockets” in different parts of the world that are disconnected from the mainstream media. Many communities are marginalized due to geographical reasons. Different ethnic, social and complex political backgrounds make the situation even more complicated. Even within a well-connected society marginalized communities still exist, such as people with disabilities. Developing mobile phone citizen journalism, community radio, media ownership regulation are some methods shared in the forum.

AGENDA organized an information desk at the event on 25 and 27 August. The aims are to introduce AGENDA project to the participants and to engage with participating journalist from around the world. AGENDA displayed Indonesian Presidential Election Monitoring Checklist in 2014, research reports in 5 countries in South East Asia in 2012, Monitoring Checklist Report in 2012, example of braille templates etc. Quite significant number of the participants attended AGENDA information desk and requested AGENDA research reports.