AGENDA/JPPR organized a press conference on 9 July in the afternoon at the Media Center of the National KPU to share its monitoring findings and provided a statement on the level of accessibility of the election. Results for the conference included the collected information as of 12.30 pm from the field. By 12.30 pm the call center received the forms from 225 TPS (polling stations), 166 interviews with people with disabilities and interviews with 225 KPPS (poll workers) members. Based on preliminary monitoring results, the tentative conclusions are mixed. On one hand, it seems that the accessibility of polling stations for persons with disabilities has improved compared to previous elections; it also appears that considerable improvements have been made by the election organizer regarding the knowledge of KPPS polling staff about the specific needs of voters with disabilities; a large majority of voters also state that they perceive the KPPS staff as being helpful and service-oriented; however, much still remains to be done in order to make elections in Indonesia accessible for all. Despite the KPU producing Braille templates for each polling station AGENDA found the templates missing in around one third of the TPS (polling stations) that were observed.

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