Election Studies Program2c Jakarta2c 2018-06-27

On 27 June, AGENDA and IFES coordinated with Bawaslu (Indonesia Election Supervisory Body)  to hold polling station visits to the 2018 Pilkada (local election) in five cities for international delegates and representatives as part of Bawaslu’s first-ever Election Studies Program. The program aimed to bring together members of election management bodies (EMBs) from 12 countries among other Maldives, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Egypt; representatives from 12 embassies such as Sweden, Canada, Germany and Denmark; election observation institutions, election practitioners and experts from different regions, and to serve as a platform for knowledge exchange among participants to identify potential problems. The program is also expected to foster opportunities for future cooperation in order to advance its mission of upholding democratic elections through electoral justice. The over 100 participants were divided into five groups in order to witness the voting and counting processes of the regional head elections in the cities of Serang, Tangerang, Bogor and Bekasi as well as the Bogor Regency.